Friday, August 19, 2016

Top Ten Things I've Learned From Being Married To C.J.

It's our anniversary today, so I decided to share a top ten list, thanks, David Letterman.

10. Bike parts in every room of the house is just normal

9. Graffiti IS cool 

8. There is no slow, medium, or moderately fast on a jet ski. There's just fast

7. AUTHENTIC Mexican food IS the best Mexican food

6. Cars are not just for driving from point A. to point B. They are toys for puddles, dirt, hills, rocks, water,...

5. Two hours IS enough time to squeeze in a lake trip or bike park trip or snowboarding trip 

4. It's okay to miss the previews at the movie theater as long as you get popcorn with LOTS of butter

3. Food can never be TOO spicy 

2. Nothing is stopping anyone from having fun, all you need is something with wheels. Or a board. Or a trampoline. Or water. Or a jump of some sort. 

And finally number 1!
Life shouldn't be lived by watching other people live it, get out there and DO!! 

I love my husband CJ so much. I've had more adventure with him in the past two years than I ever thought I would as an old, married lady. And that's not the only awesome thing about being married to CJ. He's an amazing father to our baby boy, Rocky. He's a strong, spiritual man who knows what is truly important in life. He knows and believes in his Savior, Jesus Christ. He is an example to many people around him, including family members and friends. My family is truly grateful he is the man I married. Love you, CJ Riley!! I can't wait for our many more adventures to come!! <3

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