Friday, August 19, 2016

Top Ten Things I've Learned From Being Married To C.J.

It's our anniversary today, so I decided to share a top ten list, thanks, David Letterman.

10. Bike parts in every room of the house is just normal

9. Graffiti IS cool 

8. There is no slow, medium, or moderately fast on a jet ski. There's just fast

7. AUTHENTIC Mexican food IS the best Mexican food

6. Cars are not just for driving from point A. to point B. They are toys for puddles, dirt, hills, rocks, water,...

5. Two hours IS enough time to squeeze in a lake trip or bike park trip or snowboarding trip 

4. It's okay to miss the previews at the movie theater as long as you get popcorn with LOTS of butter

3. Food can never be TOO spicy 

2. Nothing is stopping anyone from having fun, all you need is something with wheels. Or a board. Or a trampoline. Or water. Or a jump of some sort. 

And finally number 1!
Life shouldn't be lived by watching other people live it, get out there and DO!! 

I love my husband CJ so much. I've had more adventure with him in the past two years than I ever thought I would as an old, married lady. And that's not the only awesome thing about being married to CJ. He's an amazing father to our baby boy, Rocky. He's a strong, spiritual man who knows what is truly important in life. He knows and believes in his Savior, Jesus Christ. He is an example to many people around him, including family members and friends. My family is truly grateful he is the man I married. Love you, CJ Riley!! I can't wait for our many more adventures to come!! <3

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I Quit Sugar

 Day 3. I have successfully avoided all sugar and carbs on my sugar detox. Today I had definite withdrawal symptoms. I woke up shaking, and quickly ate a smoothie with JUST fruit in it. No extra yogurt, no sugary fruit juice, JUST fruit. It was actually delicious, like almost dessert-y. Then I got around to boiling eggs and shoving some nuts and veggies in my mouth. I have to eat fast, like no more than 10 min can be dedicated to food. But eating raw fruits, nuts, and veggies is easy and takes no time at all!! 

Let me back up. 

I love sugar. I mean LOVE. I usually eat a dessert of some sort once a day, and usually have a few pieces of candy, and or drink juice and eat ice cream, lots of times just straight out of the container. 

I gave up chocolate after Rocky was born because it seemed to upset his tummy and I didn't want the little guy to be miserable. But I thought about it all. The. Time. And figured out other foods that were equally as sugary that I could enjoy almost as much. Then it kind of started to occur to me that I may have a little bit of an addiction to the sweet stuff. That I may actually be a bit out of control . I started to think about my family's health history, and it's not awesome. I thought a lot about Rocky and how I want him to be healthy and to think that eating healthy is the norm, not the exception. And I want to be healthy for him and C.J. so I can live a full life with them and any other little ones that come to us. I realized I needed to make a permanent change, not just a week-long one. 

I started reading about detoxes. There are all kinds out there, 10-day plans, three-week plans, 8-week plans....I didn't actually pick a particular plan. I just looked at what you are supposed to eat when you detox. Pretty much meat, fruits, veggies, eggs, and nuts. A lot of veggies, a good amount of protein, and fruit when you really need sugar. I'm not telling anyone out there to do what I did because everyone is different, I don't want to advise anyone health-wise because frankly, I barely know what I'm doing. 

That pretty much brings us to where I'm at today. Day three and no sugar or carbs. Carbs metabolize into sugar, so if you're going to kick the addiction in the rear, you have to eliminate them almost completely. Some other symptoms I've had today are muscle soreness and I've felt pretty low energy, everything I've read says that is totally normal and can last a couple days to a couple weeks, so we shall see. I'll give you the good news if all goes well and I come out of this feeling better than ever. A lot of people that have quit sugar say that their mind is clearer, they don't have the afternoon slump every day, they have more energy,... I'm really looking forward to that, especially having my baby boy. I thought about trying really expensive supplements, but really, I just needed a life-style change. I'll keep you posted on how I feel . Peace out for now. 

Day 4. I am writing already because I feel much better today than I did yesterday. I did yoga this morning and went for a run and I have much less muscle soreness. I also was not shaky at all today. I did feel pretty exhausted a couple times, but that's probably because I didn't fall asleep until 12:30 and Rocky woke up two more times after that. I also didn't even "crave" sugar. I thought about it a couple times, but not in the "I NEED SOME RIGHT NOW" way. I've actually craved potato chips more than anything, another addiction I want to kick in the bee-hind. Anywho, I feel like this is going to be a good change in my life. I also feel that I am being given help as I try this. Heavenly Father wants us to have good lives. The more self control we can practice, the happier we are, and the healthier we are. I'm slowly going to incorporate healthy carbs back into my diet in a couple weeks, but for now, I'm playing it safe without most of them.

Day 5. I'm thinking I'll actually put some carbs into my diet next week. Probably some quinoa and maybe sweet potatoes.  I feel really good today, I'm not really having any strange symptoms, I ate a very satisfying breakfast of meat,  veggies and eggs, made by CJ, and I'm going strong. I don't even want sugar right now.  

Last night I had a bit of a cheat night and ate Thai food. I had some hot and sour soup, which probably has a lot of sodium, but also had lots of chicken and veggies. I also had fried rice with beef, eggs and veggies. My first carbs all week. I still didn't eat sugar, and every time I've wanted sugar, I had fruit instead. The meal tasted amazing, but kinda messed with my stomach a bit. Worth it though. And when I know I'm not ALWAYS eating super bad foods, it feels okay to eat what I want some of the time. That's kind of what I'm hoping to gain from all of this.

The start of my second week!

I had carbs Saturday and Sunday night in the form of potatoes, but I don't think that set me back, I've been fine and had a delicious smoothie with only fresh fruit, it was seriously super yummy and now I'm kind of craving those more than a chocolate-y or caramel-y treat. But I'm pretty darn sure I'll never be able to kick sugar completely, and I don't want to! I just want to bring balance to my eating and not need dessert with breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. Maybe a once a week treat is what I'll try. And then I'll really make that treat count! I also want to have healthy carbs in my life for energy. And occasionally bring back my old buddies, Lays potato chips. 
This is an example of a lunch time meal. Veggies fried in a little EVOO, some turkey meat and a fried egg. Sometimes I had smoothies with my meals as well, which are really starting to feel like decadent desserts to me! By the way, I'm learning about shopping for the right stuff too and where to go. I think Costco is the best for nuts, berries, eggs, bell peppers, grapes, and lunch meats. I got a load of veggies there and though we are trying to eat them all, I don't think it will happen. CJ has made me breakfast a few times and he does delicious scrambles. I've had bacon a few times too this week, so I'm not without some unhealthy stuff. But bacon is bacon and if I stop eating it, I might as well die. 

Anywho, lots of words and sorry if it was kind of boring. If you need encouragement to go sugarless, I'll help you out!! I'm hoping to make it a full second week, and maybe this Sunday, allow myself something sugary. But maybe I'll go three weeks, who knows. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

First-time Mom Thoughts

My baby is going to be three months in three days, so I thought I'd share some of the thoughts I've had during this new experience.

Mom thoughts 

Every piece of cloth can double as a burp rag if you only put your mind to it.

As long as I'm nursing, I'll never forget his food.

There's mountain time, pacific time, a few others; and baby time.

I never knew I could shower so fast.

To do list....learn to tie shoe with one hand... And do hair, put on makeup, clean, make bed, cook dinner,....

The world is infested with germs and disease, it's the freaking walking dead out there!

You have never known fear until your baby hasn't pooped for 2 days. You know that's going to be a blow out of epic proportions.

I have a testimony that I know swaddling is true.

What's with his Edward Scissorhands fingernails?? Those babies could kill someone!

He is sleeping in longer intervals. But I can't sleep because I'm worried about why he's still asleep.

Like all moms do, sometimes I think my baby is a genius. Until he has grabbed a fistful of my hair in both hands and is flailing his arms all over. Then I think he's an evil genius. 

Baby PJs should never have snaps, only zippers. Who can figure those things out when it's 2 am, you're up for the third time in one night, trying to change a diaper with your eyes half open and your brain still partly in dreamland?

Who knew I'd start having dreams  about poopy diapers.

I don't understand how he can be sleeping peacefully on my lap, either leaning against my chest, or against my legs, facing me, and then sharply dive sideways, head first. Does he have a death wish or something? 

I'm worried, he's serious all day with mommy, then as soon as daddy gets home, it's all smiles. He's messing with my head.

If I smell like pee or throw up, don't worry. It is pee or throw up.

Hurry lets go I just fed the baby he's happy if we are gonna go we have to go NOW, GO GO GO GO!!!

Nobody questions the diaper bag full of stuff. Before the baby, it would have looked slightly strange, carrying around such a big, full bag. But now, I can carry my bag, full of stuff and nobody questions it. 

All I can say about my post pregnant body is thank goodness for stretchy pants of any kind. Yoga. Leggings, elastic waistbands, all my best friends.

Somewhere out there is a new mom who's house is perfectly clean, who is cooking healthy meals for her hubby, who already fits back into her skinny jeans, and who Has d-I-y'd her entire living room decor. But, to quote a popular classic rock artist, it ain't me.

I just need you to think your fist is a food source for like ten more minutes while I finish *insert task*

Am I awake right now? 

I can't remember when I last changed his diaper.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Actually a Christmas Baby

Well, I was being a bit sarcastic in the title of my last blog post, but I guess I better eat my words because little Rocky actually is a Christmas baby :)

Wednesday was my due date. Christmas was 2 days later. When Wednesday came and went, I was resigned to being pregnant for the rest of my life. He was going to grow and thrive and attend college, all while in my womb. And Thursday was Christmas Eve, filled with family festivities, but still no sign of little Rocky. I guess that's good because I had time to clean and nap, but mostly clean, and not nap. During these couple days, I had one thing to keep me sane. Little Cavin, our nephew who has literally been there for every major event in CJ's and my relationship, said on Wednesday, "Rocky will be born in 2 days!" I said, "2 days? That's Christmas!" He said, "yep, that's when he will be born!" So I relied on Cavin's prediction to help me not go too crazy, because hey, the little guy proposed to me for CJ, he is pretty reliable! Christmas Eve, he said, "Rocky is coming tomorrow!!" It was getting spooky how adamant he was about Rocky's arrival date.

At home Christmas Eve night, after all the festivities, CJ and I decided to open gifts to each other because we weren't sure if the next day we would have time. Not because we felt like Rocky might show up, but because we had lots of Christmas plans that day, and as mentioned above, Rocky was going to be in the womb forever.

We went to bed around midnight. At about 1:30, I woke up to a strange feeling that lasted a few seconds. It didn't hurt necessarily, but I remember having the thought, "well that was new." And I got up to use the bathroom. While on my way there, my water broke. Again, in my mind, the thought, "huh, that was new." And the question, "was that my water breaking, or did I just lose all control of myself?" 

After waiting just a few minutes, I was sure I was experiencing something close to what you see on TV as labor. CJ was up and ready in a flash, we were out the door in maybe ten minutes. We never even rehearsed it, beat that, Internet mom bloggers! After an icy but safe drive to the hospital, we were AT the hospital.

The rest is history and Rocky WILL be attending college outside of the womb.  

Jk jk, I'll add a few more details :) 

We got checked in and after the nurse determined my water had really broken, I was admitted and we got to stay. None of that, "you may have a while so why don't you go home" poop that I hear happens so much. My contractions were about 5 min apart. After feeling several of those lovely things, I was ready for an epidural. Once that was in, I was on cloud 9. No pain, no gain is false, people. What would I really gain from continuing to feel contraction pain other than the desire that Rocky be an only child, I ask you? 

I continued "laboring" until around 11 the next morning, when it felt like the magical epidural wasn't being so magical anymore. Apparently the monitor thingy was picking up on things because the nurse came and checked me right as I called her and I was dilated to a ten. If you are like my brother, Gabe, you have no idea what that means. I'll save you the trouble (and horror) of looking that up. It just means you're ready to push that baby outta there. 

Push, I did, for almost two hours. During that time, my thoughts were, "I'm so out of shape. I regret all those non-workout naps" 

On a more serious note, Rocky wasn't coming out. And I was pushing so hard I felt like my head was going to explode. All that time I could hear his little heartbeat on the monitor. It was fluctuating so much, sometimes it was dangerously slow, other times dangerously fast. And I prayed. I prayed, "please Father, help me get my baby out and keep him safe. Give him strength. Give me strength." 

By the end of those couple hours, the doc determined I needed help getting him out, and so he plundered him out. Ever seen a toilet plunger? Yeah, it did kind of look like those. And finally little Rocky was out. But he was lifeless, very limp. And a team of doctors had come in to revive him. CJ kept watch as the doctors worked fast to clear his tiny lungs and I was being stitched up. I could fully feel things at this point, but I didn't care, my baby was a few feet away from me fighting for life. Again, more prayers, keep him safe, give him strength. 

After what felt like way too long, Rocky was responding and a nurse brought him to me for just a few brief moments before they had to take him to the nicu. He was so tiny, his little limbs were thin and delicate, but also VERY strong. I looked at him and tried to let it wash over me that this was our little boy we had waited for. And then they took him away. He was gone for an hour before I knew if he was okay. Finally a nurse came and I asked her how he was doing. He was okay! He was doing well and they were going to bring him to me soon! Best news I've ever received in my entire life. After that, my little rockstar continued to get stronger and stronger.

Finally he was brought back to me and we got to bond. Which was basically his little mouth baby-birding it and me trying to feed him for the first time. But oh my goodness, how I loved this tiny little being. He wasn't very big, and his little shoulder blades were clearly visible as he had zero fat to cover them. He was so beautiful, his face had these tiny little features, I couldn't believe he was ours. I still can't sometimes to this day. He's been flourishing and is already about 12 lbs, almost twice his birth weight. He is learning so much already and responding to things in the cutest ways. I love when he gets so excited his little legs just kick kick kick KICK!! He already has a lil double chin and some chunky cheeks too, and he smiles and coos, it's the cutest thing I've ever seen/heard. Needless to say C.J. and I are deeply in love.
Babies are amazing and when a four, almost five-year-old speaks, listen up!!
Our little 6 lb 7 oz, 21 inch baby boy :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ooo, a Christmas Baby!

Hello, Internet! It's been a long time since I've felt the need to write something on here, but what do ya know, we are having a baby this month, I'd say that's a pretty momentous reason to write! 

We found out we were expecting back in April of this year. We were eager to have a baby, and it was one of those, "why don't we just run to the store reallly quick and get a test" type of things. Not pre-planned with balloons or cake or anything. So we grabbed a two-pack cuz movies tell you those things don't always work, right? I was too excited to wait the FULL minute, and looked at it after about ten seconds. One line showed up, so of course I was instantly depressed. But C.J., being wise and more patient-ish, said "go look again, you hardly waited at all." So I did, and a second, much more faint line was showing!! Where was the box? I had to check the box to make sure a faint line counted!! Also, I had to take the other test to be positive! After getting positives on both, knowing that the faint line DOES count, we just kind of sat there. I know, really exciting of us. We had just found out the news we were dying to know, and all we did was sit in silence. I think I might have gotten up to get ready for bed at one point, who knows. Then things started to sink in a little better, we hugged and kissed and said how excited we were, I think. 

We originally intended to wait until Mother's Day, which was just 1-2 weeks away to tell the news. But I got all impatient after 3 days and we sort of sloppily broke the news, sorry family, it would have been so much better if I had stuck to the plan. But good news breakers or not, this baby was on his way!!

Pregnancy, now there's something you've seen about a zillion times, yet somehow manage to KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. I remember my mom pregnant with my little sis. She was sick, very sick, for about 4 months. Then, in my 11-year-old brain, she got better and things were peachy all the way to August 10th. Sorry, Mom, I was so blind. Not that my pregnancy has been the worst, or really bad or anything, I've been really blessed with a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby, and just what I'm pretty sure are standard pregnancy symptoms. I only can think of like 2 crazy mood swing moments (C.J. Might be able to think of more) but all in all, I feel pretty darn lucky. There are dozens of tiny things you just don't KNOW, you know? Like the heartburn/reflux thing, I had no idea that would be the cause of vomiting more than nausea would. Or the sack of potatoes taped to your ribs feeling. Or your feet going slightly numb, or your brain just NOT WORKING. Then the baby moving around in there, I've seen it on other women. Maybe I'm more daft than the rest of the population, I didn't think about what that would feel like, or even that you can feel it at all. Well this little guy has sure taught me a lot about that feeling. Yesterday it felt like he was using my ribs as a sling shot. 

Around September came a feeling of time-is-running-out-we-have-so-much-to-do-we-are-never-going-to-be-prepared!!! I guess they call it nesting, for me, I think it's just my normal obsessive-ness. But I think I can safely say at this moment in time, we are about as ready as we will ever be. Which is, physically, we have all the baby stuff we need, mentally, we have no idea what the heck we are in for. 

Now my brain is turning to the actual birth. The thought of this baby's body coming out of my body. Respect to mothers everywhere. No matter how they come out, it's an ordeal to say the least. Billions of women have done this, so why does it suddenly feel like I'm the only one ever to have to get this baby out one of two ways? And why didn't I dedicate my entire existence to finding a faster, easier, pain-free way?? I've wasted my time doing things like piano and reading and crocheting. What little forethought I've had. Do you think three weeks is enough time? Mostly joking. Most of the time, I'm ready for this little guy to come out and don't care about the scary unknown. But almost every night, I lie awake exactly like this O,O Then I try to distract my brain with other thoughts, Facebook, scriptures, and that usually helps. And just breathe. Because in less time than I can even believe, C.J. and I will be snuggling our first little baby boy. And I can't even imagine what that will feel like. Another thing that makes me feel like no one in the world has ever experienced it because it will be a completely new, unique experience for us. 

I can't wait to meet our baby boy <3